Monday, 21 April 2008

Notes From A Book Crosser

Last weekend I travelled to York by train and set books free in station cafes, on trains - even one in a ladies' cloakroom! I got some strange looks, but I know they've been picked up and journaled about, and no-one came up to me to tell me I'd left my book behind. So join in, don't be shy. Read something you never would have dreamed of reading. Learn something new. Have fun. And do blog here about your book crossing experiences.

BookCrossing Kicks off Norfolk Reads and Writes

Norfolk Reads and Writes was launched in style last week by Cllr Brenda Ferris, Mark Cocker, Lorna Payne (Norfolk Libraries), Agnes Rothom (RSPB) and Chris Gribble (NWP). We set free the first of a flock of 100 books from the Castle ramparts and are looking forward to seeing how far they travel by the end of June. Each of the books is by a Norfolk writer or is about Norfolk in some way. They each have a 'Read Me!' sticker on the front and details of the BookCrossing scheme inside. If you spot one of our flock in a park, cafe, shop or bus near you over the coming weeks, just pick it up, log on to the website you;ll find inside and let us know where you picked it up and what you thought of the book! Simple as that. Once you've read the book, leave it somewhere for another book lover to pick up and enjoy - it's an endless chain for all lovers of reading and Norfolk and we hope you spot one near you soon. The book that travels the furthest over the coming weeks will be declared the winner and all the people in the chain will get a prize. Onwards to New Writing Worlds in June!